“BOTTOMS UP! Jan. 31 If you miss the classic lineup of Van Halen, Bottoms Up! will quench your thirst on Jan. 31. Both sonically and visually, the band emulates the California foursome in their heyday. "We draw guitar gurus plus girls who want to check out our lead singer,"  "If you closed your eyes, you almost think the record is playing. We get as close to the albums as we can."”

- David Criblez, Newsday (Jan 19, 2015)

“Congrats to putting on such a killah show last night at Bklyn Bowl! The crowd loved you, we (GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS) loved you --great great f'n show guys. Glad we shared the stage for such an awesome night. xo denise mercedes (Girls Girls Girls).... That guy does a damn good EVH. The look, the sound, the chops...that's good stuff. -Reuven Jenkins.... you guys really rock!! i live way upstate now, but when i come back to long island to visit im gonna look you up for sure! - Comments from Brooklyn Bowl show... (May 18, 2012)